Hej, we are Daniel and Hanna.

In 2017, we got really really really really pissed off when we saw this viral video showing cruelty to birds in the Down Feather industry.

Then we got so upset when we released that down bird feathers were everywhere in our home! From coats to bedding, the romantic idea of a feather filled room from a pillow fight, turned into the sound of screaming birds. 

Eradicating feathers from our lives, we decided to make our own bedding from various sustainable materials. Soon after we came across the Kapok tree or Silk Cotton Tree [link to article] while on our honeymoon. It was the perfect substitute for feathers and provided a much improved sleep for Daniel who had been having neck pain from soft small pillows for years. 

After a year of testing these organic Kapok fibres in combination with 100% organic bamboo pillow cases and establishing sustainable supplier relationships. We launched The Kind Pillow Company in 2019 in our home town Stockholm, Sweden. 

Our materials come from sustainable farms from around the world. Each pillow is assembled and shipped from Sweden. Each pillow is quality checked personally by us. 

We know you will love our pillows, so much so we offer a 90 day full refund.  We also give 10% of our annual profits to animal welfare projects via https://www.peta.org.uk/

Join us in our mission to remove feathers from your home too!