Feather free pillows!

How can we sleep at night knowing we rest peacefully on the feathers of birds that suffered.

Awareness is everything, the tide is slowly turning in favour of animals. There will be many human behavioural changes to come from the global Covid-19 crisis. One of them we hope, will be the ending of mass scale abuse of animals for pointless human consumption.

Let's end the suffering, now there are kind & sustainable alternatives.

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Meet the Kapok Seed

Natures pillow filler

We really don't need feathers when nature drops these wonderful fluffy seeds to the ground for us to gather.

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Where does Kapok come from?

Where does Kapok come from?

Kapok is a buoyant, cotton like fiber that drops as seed pods from the ceiba tree in tropical climates. It’s incredibly soft, luxurious and provid...

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